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Clinical Trial Application Development

Better control for more confident outcomes

Perform clinical trials easier than ever before. Accelerate trials, have better control and save costs while improving researchers experience in clinical trials. At Maxsol Pro, we offer end-to-end app development solutions for clinical trials. We ensure reliable solutions tailored to your unique requirements with partnerships with leading universities such as Edinburg University, Peradeniya University and New Castle University.

South Asian Clinical Toxicology Research Collaboration Organisation Is One Of Our Long Term Partner  For Clinical Trial Applications.

Custom clinical trial management software can speed up any clinical trial making things easy and more organized for the researchers. Our experienced team will help you find the right solution for your situation, asking the right questions to understand your challenges. We will deliver a fast, simple and easy clinical trial design, development and execution solution.


Let’s plan your clinical trial app development to accelerate trials and save costs.

GIS Application Development

Expand beyond geographical boundaries with GIS applications

Improve mobility tracking and delivery with the power of geographical information. At Maxsol Pro, we specialize in designing, implementing, and integrating custom-made GIS applications to help you collect, edit, store, analyze, and manage different geospatial data to help you effectively route and track locations.

Whether you want to track your assets or deliveries or manage your fleet, we can assist you in developing customized applications with efficient routing solutions with Google or Opensource mapping solutions. From requirements analysis, app design, coding, implementation, testing to deployment, we will be there by your side and deliver you bespoke applications developed with cutting edge geo-location tracking technology. 


Get in touch with us today to plan your GIS applications development project with us.

AR and VR Application

Boost your customer engagement with AR & VR applications

Don’t just show; let them feel your solutions. Maximize your business growth through unique sensory experiences with our AR/VR development solutions. Our service is aimed to help you improve your audience reach and engagement, and customer tractions, delivering reality-altering experiences to create meaningful relationships.

The right AR/VR solution can impact your business at many levels. Our solutions will not just delight your customers but also help you reach your business goals for reduced costs. Whether you need an AR, VR or a mixed solution, our team has the knowledge and the expertise to help you build a solution for better interactions, collaborations, and performance.



Get in touch with us today to plan your AR/VR application development.

Offshore Development

Reduce cost without compromising the quality with offshore development solutions.

Get the best developers in your team without having to worry about the risk and the budget. Our expert team of developers can be your offshore development team to help you meet your business objectives fast and effectively while saving you costs. We have the skills, resources, and knowledge to satisfy any project’s requirements.

Our development outsourcing services give you access to the best developers without having to hire them full time, saving you time, money and risk. With us, you can scale up and scale down your development team easily to meet the demand. 


Let us be your offshore development partners, and we’ll help you make your developments a success.

Mobile Application Development

Take your customer experience to the next level with mobile applications.

Our cutting-edge mobile app development services aim to deliver high-quality solutions for improved speed, and reliability and user experience. We specialize in iOS and Android applications in many industries and ensure functional and practical solutions. With years of experience in mobile development, we know the real know-how when it comes to effective mobile app development.

From concept to deployment, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team is comprised of top software engineers, designers, project managers and assures a tailored solution to fit your company’s goals and challenges. Our solutions are developed with a focus to delight end users with curated mobile experiences that surpass their expectations.


Get in touch with us today to discuss your mobile app development project.

Start-up IT Consultation and Investment Solution

Grow your business faster with the right advice.

Our team of business experts and consultants are here to help young entrepreneurs with great ideas and immense potential to grow faster and smarter. Maybe you just have an idea and don’t know how to turn that into a profitable business. Or you may have a startup that you want to take to the next level. No matter what is your situation is our consultants can show you the best and fastest route to reach your goals -helping you uncover hidden opportunities and solutions to success.
Whether you need help with business strategy, development, operations or administration, we have the best team to provide the right advice for your situation. We also offer investment solutions helping you find partners and other types of funding opportunities to expand your business.

Messaging Solutions - WhatsApp, Viber and SMS

Expand your reach and improve your communication through custom messaging solutions

Generate meaningful customer engagement through effective communication at a massive scale. Our exclusive messaging solutions enable you to build meaningful and personalized interactions with customers and prospects.

From marketing messaging, missed calls, notifications, mass alerts, voice engagement, cross channel conversions to verifications, our solutions help you integrate with people in masses, saving you time, money and effort. Over the years, we have worked with many companies, large and small, helping them with custom messaging solutions in SMS, Viber and WhatsApp. Thus, we have the expertise and the capacity to undertake any project of any size.



Let’s build your customer messaging solution together.

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